The garden

A magic place for kids and adults among birds, red little fishes and small frogs.


Enjoy the sun, the amazing flowers, the aromatic herbs and allow yourself the pleasure to listen to the croak of the frogs and the twitter of the birds: here everything is harmony! You can find Emanuela's love for nature in the exclusive choice of biological products which allow ladybugs, blackbirds, birds...and kids to live the garden rediscovering day by day the taste of strawberries, grape, currant and raspberries when they appear.

Among flowers and fruits appear butterflies also, “called” by Emanuela with special trees able to attract them, gifting all the hosts with their joyous flitting about. In the shade of a wonderful Japanese sallow, between lilies and water lilies, a small pond will enchant you with its red little fishes and frogs, hidden among fronds, that will cheer up the atmosphere with their little “voices”. Follow the ancient roses that welcome you at the entrance and, step by step, discover all the beauty and harmony of this small microcosm!

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