Among wicker basket, flowers and candles, here's the smell of a “Two Steps from the Sea” “Due Passi dal Mare” breakfast.


Allow you to enjoy everything the haste of everyday life usually denies you: breakfast as a king! In the beautiful sitting room with its marine colours or in the garden you will discover fragrances and scents of high quality, biological and local products.

Apple and apricot cakes, brioches, home-made jam, orange and lemon creams, melon and watermelon, garden fruits or, if you prefer, salty food like traditional herbs cakes and the typical local “marocco” bread, with cured meats local cheese. Finally, particularly refined is the corner of “Wellness Breakfast”, where you can find whole cereals, natural yogurt, whole bread, teas and infusions, seeds and high quality dry fruits.

Everyday you will find new ingredients, chosen with love to always start the day with a smile!

What else? A inviting “Detox” corner with a counter and comfortable seats under the window

overlooking the garden, where you can find a fresh water and lemon pitcher, orange squeezed juices and fruits and vegetables juices You can taste with calm, combining them with high quality fresh fruit.

For those who suffer from coeliac disease, upon request, a good choice of gluten free products. No television in the breakfast room, only lots of books and a common desire: listening to the twitter of birds and rediscover the pleasure of sharing thoughts, words and travel experiences with other hosts, sipping a good coffee or a fresh orange squeezed juice

Enjoy your breakfast as a king where you prefer, in the big room refined in every single detail, seated in the intimate Detox corner or directly in the terrace, surrounded by garden and sea scents. Enjoy your breakfast!

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